Who May Apply

Thank you for your interest in Drexel University Computing Academy!

Academically talented high school students who are current sophomores or juniors at the time of the application deadline may apply to DUCA. Applicants will be asked to demonstrate academic achievement and an interest in exploring computer and information science by means of PSAT/SAT Scores, a letter of recommendation, an essay describing what the applicant expects to gain from DUCA, and grade reports.

Is DUCA Right For Me?

Being accepted to the Drexel University Computing Academy is a great honor. Participating in one is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Still, DUCA is not for everyone, and being selected to attend does not guarantee that this experience is right for you.

We highlight the following aspects of DUCA to help you understand more completely what participating in the program involves so that your decision to attend may be willful, carefully considered and well informed.

  • DUCA is academically rigorous, and considerable demands will be placed on you both in and out of the classroom. Perhaps more significantly, you will be expected to manage the demands on your time independently and with little or no supervision or oversight.

    Further, by its design, DUCA provides no grades or other qualitative or comparative evaluation of your academic performance. If you are the sort of student who needs the pressure of external factors such as test scores and GPA to remain engaged and diligent, you might have trouble adjusting to the environment at DUCA.

  • DUCA requires its participating students to operate under a fairly stringent set of rules and regulations. While living on your own and being away from your family for five weeks provides a level of autonomy, you may well have less freedom overall at DUCA than you do at home. Much of your time is planned out; much of what spare time you do have must be spent on academic work. Events, even those that are entirely extracurricular, are all mandatory. The geographic boundaries within which you are required to remain during your free time at the program are quite restrictive. During your free time, you are required to keep the staff informed of your whereabouts by use of a sign-out sheet.

    Restrictions on your behavior may well be more stringent at DUCA than they are at home. Your curfew at the program may be earlier. Students are never entirely free to come and go as they please. And while we go to great lengths to devise reasonable rules and enforce them uniformly and with common sense, some program rules may even seem arbitrary or unreasonable.

While very few students have been unhappy enough to leave DUCA voluntarily (although rules violations have led to a very few expulsions), a small number of students may find the abovementioned circumstances unduly stressful. We ask that you give them due consideration when deciding whether you want to accept the DUCA acceptnce.

DUCA 2015 Application is NOW Closed.

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"Our son enjoyed meeting the professors, seeing the campus, and checking out dorm living. I wanted you to know what a positive and lasting impression your DUCA program made on our family." - DUCA parent


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