DUCA Class of 2009

During the summer of 2009, Drexel University Computing Academy welcomed its inaugural class. For five weeks, 25 high school students lived on-campus at Drexel University and took courses from Drexel faculty, participated in labs and developed projects. But the program isn’t all work and no play; on evenings and weekends, DUCA’s experienced residential life team scheduled field trips, movie nights, sporting events, video game competitions and much more.

Student Testimonials

My experience at DUCA was great. If I could go back and do it all again, I definitely would. It gave me a glimpse of what college life is like. It really gave me a lot of experience on being taught by college professors and their teaching style. I really enjoyed coming and visiting a new city. It was an experience coming here for the first time and being on my own for five weeks. I really enjoyed it.
~ Duca Graduate, Class of 2009

Overall, I really liked DUCA. I learned a lot. Even if I know it or not, I think I gained a lot of skills by just sitting in class and being engaged in lectures. The faculty, RAs, and the rest of the students—it was just really a fun time.
~ Duca Graduate, Class of 2009