The DUCA Experience

Drexel University Computing Academy Mission: To offer high school students with a high-quality summer program that promotes interest in the computing and information disciplines and provides an authentic college experience.

Drexel University Computing Academy provides students with exceptional academic programs in addition to a vibrant and social college experience. Our staff prides itself on the development of a program with a careful balance of work and leisure, academics and entertainment. Graduates of past DUCA classes will testify – this program is as fun as it is educational. We’re confident students will be surprised by how much they enjoy their time at DUCA, and that when they leave, they’ll take with them friendships and experiences that will last a far beyond high school.

DUCA 2015 Application is NOW Closed.

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"At a very critical time in their lives, with college and major decisions looming, DUCA provides a safe exposure to a number of study and career options in computers." - DUCA Student


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