The iSchool at Drexel

At DUCA, students are exposed to all computing-related majors at Drexel University. This section highlights these majors by school. DUCA does not focus on any specific program or major, rather presents a holistic view of computing studies.

Bachelor of Science in Information Systems (BSIS)

The BSIS emphasizes the efficient design and use of information technologies in business. Information Systems programs prepare students for careers designing computing solutions that provide companies, non-profit organizations, and government with the information needed to achieve their goals.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT)

The BSIT focuses on the information infrastructure, and the development of software for information systems, systems software, and other domains. Through this very hands-on technical career, professionals in IT make a living solving, supporting, troubleshooting and designing everything from web sites to networks in organizations ranging from business and government to schools, health care and more.

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering (BSSE)

The BSSE concentrates on the application of processes, methods, and tools to building and maintaining quality computer software, encompassing the behavioral, managerial, and technical aspects of software engineering. Software engineers combine experience in computer science, engineering and math to design, define and organize complex software projects. This multidisciplinary degree is run by both the iSchool and the College of Engineering.

Dean David E. Fenske

The iSchool at Drexel offers a variety of academic programs not included in the list above. Please visit the College’s website to learn more about additional iSchool programs.

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"If you’re interested in doing stuff related to computers you should definitely come here and use the five weeks and get the most out of it, and go home a different person." - DUCA Student

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