College of Engineering

At DUCA, students are exposed to all computing-related majors at Drexel University. This section highlights these majors by school. DUCA does not focus on any specific program or major, rather a holistic view of computing studies.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Drexel’s Computer Engineering undergraduate program applies principles of physics and mathematics to the design, implementation and analysis of computer and communication systems. The discipline spans topics such as the design of digital systems, computer architecture, the design of microprocessors embedded in a larger system, computer networks and computer security. Specializations include applications of computers in control systems, digital signal processing, telecommunications, power systems and very large scale integrations (VLSI) systems design.

Drexel University College of Engineering offers a variety of academic programs not included in the list above. Please visit the College’s website to learn more about additional Engineering programs.

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"What I learned at DUCA beyond my previous experience is that the computing world really stems beyond just making video games or making software. It has a lot to do with business and even psychology. It was very interesting to learn all these different aspects of life come together in the form of technology." - DUCA Student


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