DUCA is cosponsored by the Drexel University Computer Science Department and the College of Information Science and Technology (iSchool). This collaboration allows the program to effectively cover a range of computer technology and application topics. In addition, DUCA provides courses taught by faculty from Drexel's Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design and the Bennett S. LeBow College of Business.

DUCA curriculum is designed to enhance students' critical thinking, sharpen their leadership skills, and teach them to collaborate more effectively. The five-week program is divided into two parts. The first is a two-week focus on core courses in Social Aspects of Information Systems, Information and Computer Ethics, Software Development, Database Design and Management, Human-Computer Interaction, Networking, and Object-Oriented System Analysis and Design.

A typical schedule for the first two weeks:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9 a.m. Outreach Computer Ethics Computer Math Computer Ethics Game Design
10:30 a.m.         Database Essentials
1 p.m. Human Computer Interaction Human Computer Interaction Game Design Leadership Robotics
2:30 p.m. Animation/Alice Object-Oriented Design Animation/Alice Object-Oriented Design  

The final three weeks are committed to two concentration tracks. This part of the program includes intense exposure to technical and non-technical topics in networks and software development.

A typical schedule is:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9 a.m. Programming Programming Software Software Software
1 p.m. Human Computer Interaction Information Systems Human Computer Interaction Information Systems Information Systems
2:30 p.m. Database Essentials Object-Oriented Design Database Essentials Leadership Database Essentials