College of Computing & Informatics

At DUCA, students are exposed to all computing-related majors at Drexel University. This section highlights these majors by school. DUCA does not focus on any specific program or major, rather presents a holistic view of computing studies.

Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science (BSCS/BACS)
Are you interested in design of computer software, hardware, and applications? The BSCS program emphasizes courses in the sciences and applied mathematics, while the BACS program emphasizes the humanities and social sciences for a broader liberal arts and technical education.

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering (BSSE)
Are you a puzzle person, someone who likes to work through the small details in order to develop the big picture? BSSE students study computer science and engineering to learn the specific skills needed to create not only the building blocks of a complex system, but to put it all together.

Bachelor of Science in Informatics (BSI)
Do you see data as not just a bunch of numbers but as something that can tell a story, or provide insight on how to make technology better? BSI students learn how to create novel information products, develop new insights about people's behavior, and solve problems that require large and disparate datasets, in domains such as health care, finance, research and development, and business operations.

Bachelor of Science in Information Systems (BSIS)
Are you interested in exploring how to help people get things done through computers and technology? BSIS students learn how to interact with people and businesses to understand their needs and translate them into effective systems and technology to improve efficiency.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT)
Would you like to develop hands-on expertise to help troubleshoot computer problems and support people using technology? BSIT students work with such technologies as servers, telecommunications and websites, learning the skills to solve, support, troubleshoot, and design.

Bachelor of Science in Computing and Security Technology (BS)
Are you a professional who has already earned an associate's degree or completed approximately two years of college work? The BS in Computing and Security Technology program is offered online and on-site through Drexel's Saturday Scholars® program. The BS program focuses on educating technologists for industry and emphasizes a practical, hands-on education, while providing fundamental concepts that are supplemented by laboratory experience.

Dean David E. Fenske

The College of Computing & Informatics offers a variety of academic programs not included in the list above. Please visit the College’s website to learn more about CCI.

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