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Hello from the Drexel University Computing Academy Residential Life Staff!

Our Res Life staff is a diverse assortment of enthusiastic, creative, and responsible individuals who have a passion for technology and for people. Many staff members are former students who have worked at DUCA for several years. We’re here to ensure that DUCA students have a fun, meaningful, and safe time outside of classes. Although classes are central to students’ educational experience, it’s also important for them to have opportunities to explore friendships with their peers and to explore their own identity.

We present students with a challenge by choice, encouraging them to learn not only about technology, but also about other people and cultures, other fields of knowledge, and themselves. Our staff offers these opportunities in several ways. During DUCA, students will take field trips to historical sites such as the Constitution Center, participate in social activities such as game nights and barbeques, and attend workshops on topics ranging from first aid to dancing. Living at Drexel, students will also get a taste of college life. Their experience during these five weeks will help them prepare for a university environment as they live in dorms, compromise with roommates, eat at the dining hall, and manage their time to complete assignments.

As a staff, we prioritize safety, community building, and personal growth. DUCA can be a life-changing program, and we’ll be with our scholars every step of the way. While DUCA students learn about programming languages and operating systems, they’ll also find unforgettable new experiences and form long-lasting friendships. And have fun, of course!

We’re so excited to meet you all. See you this summer!

Ann Trachte
DUCA Residential Life Director

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"Our son returned home with a much greater sense of the range of careers in information technology. He matured greatly and demonstrated confidence in his final presentation. We would recommend this program for any parent with a child interested in IT but unclear what specific path will be of greatest interest to them." - DUCA Parent


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