Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design, Digital Media Program

At DUCA, students are exposed to all computing-related majors at Drexel University. This section highlights these majors by school. DUCA does not focus on any specific program or major, rather a holistic view of computing studies.

Animation & Visual Effects

This major gives students the technological, story-telling and design skills to succeed as animators and visual effects artists in the highly competitive entertainment and design worlds. Animation and visual effects are no longer used only when creating animation or big budget theatrical films. Today, these production techniques are widely used in feature films, medical research, engineering, television, web content, the performing arts, corporate communications and higher education. While an understanding of the multiple facets of digital media remains important to students' educational development, the depth and complexity of the field necessitates a rigorous course of study specifically focused on animation and visual effects.

Game Art & Production

The Game Art & Production Major of the Digital Media Program combines a strong comprehension of animation and interactivity, along with an understanding of design and programming. The Westphal College's B.S. in Game Art & Production mirrors a sector that has seen an explosion in gaming, not just in homes, but throughout industry and the corporate world. To complement the creative focus of the new Game Art & Production Major, a sister concentration in Game Programming and Development will be offered as part of the Computer Science Major. The Princeton Review ranks Drexel's Gaming Program at number three nationally.

Web Development

The field of web development has expanded beyond a simple online presence to fully interactive, dynamic content. The Digital Media Program’s Web Development Major prepares students for positions in a field that requires an understanding of both the aesthetics of development for online platforms and the server-side technologies that drive the content. Students have opportunities to hone their technological skills while still developing their creativity as designers.

Dean Allen Sabinson

Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts and Design offers a variety of academic programs not included in the list above. Please visit the College’s website to learn more about additional Media Arts and Design programs.

In 2011, Drexel University was ranked seventh nationally for its undergraduate video gaming programs by Princeton Review/GamePro!

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