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Application to DUCA requires a completed application package consisting of an application form, a written essay, a completed health form & evidence of insurance, student commitment, parent commitment, guidance counselor recommendation, a transcript or other indication of GPA, and PSAT or SAT scores.

The Application Period for DUCA 2015 is now closed.


Essay Format: Submit a 2-page maximum essay in which you address the following topics: A) Your personal background; and B) Your interests and experiences with computing and information technology, and what you would like to accomplish or learn by attending DUCA. Detailed information can be found in the application.

Basic Criteria: competently written; fully developed; avoid cliches; demonstrate an interest in exploring technology and using it to articulate pursuits, ideas and information.

Competitive Criteria: Demonstrate excellent, mature writing skills; the presence of a voice and personal writing style; critical thinking; ownership of the ideas presented; self-awareness; a willingness to explore a variety of new ways to apply technology.

Competitive Criteria: Minimum G.P.A: 3.2. Overall, consistent academic strength. Student takes challenging courses and performs well.

Guidance counselor form/letter.

Basic Criteria: Rate candidate above average or excellent in most categories. Are generally positive.

Competitive Criteria: Rate candidate very strong, provide specific evidence of independence, initiative, ability to work with others, ability to accept and apply criticism, and strengths in areas relating to creativity and analytical processing.

Application Overview
  • PSAT/SAT scores
  • High school transcript

The Drexel University Computing Academy Scholarship is available to incoming freshmen students who have participated in the summer academy program. Recipients will receive $1,000 for each quarter they are enrolled full-time in classes and provided they maintain a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA. This award will not be applied in excess of 12 academic quarters and pays towards tuition only.

DUCA 2015 Application is NOW Closed.

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"Overall, I really liked DUCA. I learned a lot. Even if I know it or not, I think I gained a lot of skills by just sitting in class and being engaged in lectures. The faculty, RAs, and the rest of the students—it was just really a fun time." - DUCA Student


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